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FTA (Free-To-Air) television continues to be an efficient brand-builder and broad reach medium. With the power to affect both sight and sound, FTA TV will capture the attention of your target audience. At Oddfish Media we use a direct approach to each specific market, dealing with and buying from local reps, networks, and publishers to ensure that we will provide the maximum return on your investment. We research the relevant data to optimise the ideal schedule in terms of audience reach, frequency, and controlled frequency to achieve effective reach.


Nailing Your Creative – The message, call-to-Action, mode of delivery are critical to any ad campaign success. Nailing the creative message and achieving cut-through in what is often a highly cluttered media landscape is the first step. From your standard 30 second recorded ad, to announcer Live Reads, to sponsorship and short credit snippets, Oddfish Media can develop the perfect execution for your campaign.



Even with the shift away from traditional print or press advertising over the past 20 years, in favour of digital advertising platforms and contextual placements, Oddfish Media executes print campaign placements for some of our clients. Our approach is far different to 15 years ago of course, as is the audience we reach and their media consumption habits. As part of a multi-channel advertising campaign, print ads, if used in the right way can add great benefit and can be a cost effective means of reaching particular target customers that may otherwise have been difficult to reach effectively.


Unlike radio or television adverts, billboards can’t be turned off or avoided. That makes it a cost-effective and flexible solution with the potential to reach specific and large audiences. They are also a fantastic opportunity to represent your company’s branding or visual identity in an engaging and memorable way.


Traditional Media FAQ

What factors do you take into consideration when booking time slots for TV ads ?

When booking time slots for TV ads, there are several factors that we take into consideration. These include the target audience for the ad, the programming that will be airing during the chosen time slot, and the cost of the ad spot. We’ll also consider the reach and frequency of the ad, as well as any audience demographics that are important for the campaign.

How do you track the success of my radio ad campaign?

Media agencies track the success of radio ad campaigns in a number of ways. One of the most common methods is to use call-tracking technology, which allows the agency to track the number of phone calls that are generated as a result of the ad. Other methods might include website analytics, surveys, and focus groups. The success of a radio ad campaign will be determined by how well it reaches and resonates with the target audience.

How do you determine the best location for my billboard?

Determining the best location for a billboard involves several factors. These include the target audience for the ad, the visibility of the billboard, the traffic flow around the billboard, and the cost of the location. We will also consider the message of the ad and the overall creative concept when choosing a location.

What kind of budget should I expect to allocate for a billboard campaign?

The budget for a billboard campaign can vary widely depending on several factors, including the location of the billboard, the length of the campaign, and the size and complexity of the ad itself. As a general rule, however, billboard campaigns tend to be less expensive than other forms of advertising, such as TV or digital ads. At Oddfish Media work with each client to determine the appropriate budget based on the campaign goals and other factors. You can expect a Range between $x to $x depending on the factors mentioned above.