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Date: Mar 2023

Original Mattress Factory (OMF)–is Australia’s fastest growing mattress store.

We have been working with OMF since 2006 when they opened 2 stores. As of today, the business has grown to more than 50 physical stores across Australia as well as their E-commerce website. Oddfish Media has been part of that growth into every step. Our team works on a daily basis across both traditional and digital media channels auditing and optimising the performance of each campaign to deliver the best possible results.

As an extention of their marketing team we have worked with several production companies and creative agencies in collaboration to advertise the brand across all channels like TV, Radio and Digital. The visual evolution of the brand across the years is a refflection of this success.

Our creative team has been working on various projects with the OMF team. From managing influencer campaigns, creating content for social media ads, designing billboards to being part of the production team of their TVC’s. As the guardians of the OMF brand, we make sure all the aspects of their branding are aligned across all of their communications.

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FTA (Free-To-Air) television and now BVOD (Broadcast Video On Demand) continue to be efficient platforms to deliver video to a broad reach of customers. With the power of both sight and sound, captures the attention of the target audience in mass numbers utilising these platforms. It continues to be the backbone of many campaigns we implement and none more so than OMF. Our media buying can be broken into two methods; “Call to Action” and “Corporate Branding”. With our call to action campaigns we focus on frequency and a specific promotion or offer. On the other hand, with our corporate branding campaigns we focus on engagement and ratings. This method has helped us grow the business…



We use radio as a frequency medium and chose our stations based on the right demographics for the OMF target audience. We have seen excellent results with our LAM strategy targeting this method through activations and geo-targeted events. A combination of the right frequency targeting the right demographics and with a strong core campaign message results in dramatic increases in website and store traffic which ultimately leads to an increase in mattresses and bedroom furniture transactions.


We believe that simplicity is key when it comes to billboard advertising. We have focused on creating single-minded messages that are easy to understand and remember. This approach has helped to ensure that OMF ’s messages cut through the noise and make a lasting impression on their target audience. The strategic placement of the billboards has allowed OMF to reach a larger audience than ever before, as the high-traffic areas chosen for the placements have maximised the exposure of the campaign to a wider range of potential customers. This has significantly increased the effectiveness of each campaign by not only building brand recognition, but also by driving higher levels of engagement and conversions among a larger audience.

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Driving Revenue Through Digital Performance

Original Mattress Factory (OMF) has entrusted Oddfish Media with their entire digital marketing strategy and media planning for over fifteen years and we’re proud to have delivered them exceptional results!

With a goal of increasing online sales and taking market share in a heavily saturated industry, we adopted an omni-channel strategy and leveraged digital channels such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), display advertising, video advertising and influencer marketing just to list a few.

Through the strategic use of each channel and tactic, we were able to target customers as they progressed through the mattress-buying journey. From creating brand awareness for new store openings and sale periods to engaging with customers via a comprehensive social media plan, and ensuring that we were active and present when they were in-market searching or shopping.

OMF had big dreams to increase online sales and take over the mattress industry, we were able to turn these dreams into reality! Over the last several years, we have helped grow the business online with significant increases in core metrics.
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At Oddfish Media we take a holistic approach to digital marketing. We believe that a successful digital marketing strategy requires a deep understanding of the business, their target audience, and industry landscape. Our team of digital experts collaborated closely with the team at OMF to develop a strategy tailored to their needs and goals, which ultimately resulted in them sleeping easier at night.

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What they say about us

OMF have partnered with Oddfish media for 15 years and it is a true partnership. Darren and the team have been working closely with all the OMF team members to ensure that the media and creative development meets the brands market and reach frequency to get key brand messages to market. The team at Oddfish Media is very professional in the end product result, however
are easy to deal with and always open to a challenge when they arise be it in creative, or reach to market initiatives.

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